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Frequently Asked Questions about Cosmic Rooms Murals

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"Amazing!! I rock my son to sleep at night looking up at beautiful shooting stars and think...My Wish Came True!" Richelle B.

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Mural Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost and are there any deals and discounts?
How long does it take to paint a ceiling mural?
What kind of ceiling can the starry ceiling murals be painted on?
Do you need to paint the ceiling black first?
Is it those "glow in the dark" stickers I've seen at the stores?
I've seen glow paints at the stores, are they the same kind you use?
Do I need to remove or cover up my furniture when you paint?
How do you paint the ceilings and can we watch?
Do you paint moons and planets too or do you just paint stars?
Do you accept credit cards as payment?
What area do you service?
Do you offer a free in-home consultation and demonstration?

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Answers to Mural Frequently Asked Questions

what is the cost of my star filled ceiling murals How much does it cost and are there any deals and discounts?
basic theme start at five dollars per square foot I charge by the square foot and the price depends on many factors. Please contact me for a free price quote.
ceiling mural specials You may also want to look at my Specials Page for deals and discounts.
sign up for mailing list for other special deals and discounts Be sure to sign up for my Cosmic Mailing List to receive periodic email announcements on other Secret Specials and Giveaways that isn't mentioned directly to the general to sign up!
mural pricingtop
time it takes to paint a stargazing mural How long does it take to paint a ceiling mural?
basic starry night scenes will take 4 hours to paint It really depends on the size of your room, the theme and options you're choosing, and the type of ceiling you have. For example, a Stargazing Skylite in an ideal setting (flat ceiling with no ceiling accessories) will take less than 2-3 hours to complete. A standard size room in the same 'ideal setting", say 12ft x 12ft (144 square feet) with a basic Original Backyard Theme will take about 8-9 hours from start to finish. The bigger the room, the longer it will take. The more complex the theme, the longer it will also take. The kind of ceiling you have (see next question) will play a role in the time frame for the completion of your ceiling mural.
double time needed for intense starry themes or heavy textured ceilings Heavy texture ceilings and deluxe themes will require at least double the estimated time stated above.
starry murals can be painted in one day typically Most single room murals will be completed in one visit, unless it is a day/night combo which would take at the minimal of 4 days again, dependent on the size of the room.
stargazing muralstop
stars can be painting on what type of ceiling What kind of ceiling can the starry ceiling murals be painted on?
ideal flat ceilings provide perfect canvas for glowing stars Flat, of course is the most ideal type of ceiling to paint on!
mildly textured ceilings will hide glow paint completely Slightly textured ceilings are very good too.
popcorn or highly texture ceilings absorb a lot of glow paint Popcorn type ceilings are more difficult and time consuming to do (may incur extra costs as well) but is possible, however, certain elements of a Stargazing mural may not be feasible such as shooting stars or any theme where a stencil may be required.
vaulted ceilings will make stars appear farther away Vaulted or Cathedral ceilings where it goes up to an angle is workable but will take extra time and a taller ladder is required. Additional costs will apply for extra height over standard 8ft.
beamed ceilings to be painted Beamed or coffered ceilings are OK. I will only paint on the ceiling portion and not the beams. The beams will make it seem like you have a grid or framing to a window that looks out into the beauty of the night sky.
dropped ceiling or ceiling panels for painting Dropped ceilings (aka ceiling panels) are not impossible to paint on but will incur additional costs due to the flimsiness of the panels and the extra time and effort it will take to complete the mural. Typically, the murals should be painted on hard flat surfaces as pressure is used to apply the paint to the area.
tray or coffered ceilings Tray Ceilings are wonderful with a Stargazing ceiling mural as the perimeter is already framed out, it will look like you have a huge glass ceiling installed in the tray area! Additional height fees will be charged over 8ft.
other types of ceilings All other types of ceilings would require a free in home inspection.
types of ceilingstop
glowing stars on dark ceiling Do you need to paint the ceiling black first?
invisible glowing paint is painted on regular ceiling No, at night with your lights off, your ceiling (and walls) appears to be black. The amazing thing about my starry paintings is that it is invisible during the daytime or when your room lights are on. This feature does not interfere with your room décor and produces a pleasant surprise to those at night.
ceiling painttop
unlike cheesy glow stickers Is it those "glow in the dark" stickers I've seen at the stores?
custom hand painted stars that glow brightly No, your Cosmic Rooms painting is a Custom Hand Painted Masterpiece. I use a professional grade phosphorescent paint that is mixed precisely with the finest, highest quality glow pigments to ensure the smoothest of applications, the brightest of glows, and the longest lasting effects that will be displayed for years and years to come. This isn't some cheap paint that you can buy at any retail stores and the glow stickers does not even compare to the brightness and duration of the glow along with the realism of my artwork. Stickers are old school, a Cosmic Rooms Mural is artistry at it's finest!
hand painted muralstop
retail glow paint is not what my glow in the dark murals are painted with I've seen glow paints at the stores, are they the same kind you use?
exclusive precisely mixed glowing phosphorescent paints No, they are not the same paint I use in my murals. As noted above, the paint I use is mixed precisely with the highest quality of professional grade phosphorescent pigments that will glow at least 10 times brighter and longer than mass produced paints you will find at any retail stores. For this reason, it is no wonder why glow paints sold at retail stores does not mention glow time or brightness! I have personally used those glow paints for other projects in the past and have found them to glow as bright and as long as the "glow in the dark" stickers, usually glowing for up to 10 minutes and it is brightest in the first few minutes. With my exclusive paints, your mural will glow all night long (up to 25 hours under lab testing) and it is brightest in the first few hours!
starscapes paint Keep in mind that I use only a reformulated exclusive glow paint that is not available anywhere else except here at Cosmic Rooms. This is why my murals are so realistic and dazzling to behold and glows for HOURS each and every night, not minutes like other companies. You will see the difference quality paint and my personal artistry will make on your mural. If you want the BEST, always choose Cosmic Rooms Artist Jean Eng with OVER 17 YEARS experience!
glowing paint artistry expertise quality service As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for". With a Cosmic Rooms painting, not only are you getting my super glowing exclusive paint, you are also getting the artistry, expertise, and my quality service behind it!
glow in the dark paintstop
room prep needed to paint stars Do I need to remove or cover up my furniture when you paint?
moving furniture for mural painting There is no need to remove your furniture as long as there is enough room to maneuver a ladder around. Very minimal prep is necessary for a basic night scene since the painting process with our equipment, methods, and techniques are not messy. For certain themes and options, drop clothes may be used and I will provide all of that.
waterbeds and other bulky furniture pieces The only thing that is questionable in furniture is large bulky pieces that prevents me from reaching the ceiling no matter how close I put the ladder. This would include a waterbed or any bed that is placed underneath an extra high ceiling. Removal of the bed for the duration of the painting process would be grately appreciated. With all other furnishings, if you really wish to remove furniture or cover your furniture, please do so.
room prep for painting stars What I do ask prior to my arrival is the following:
1. Due to the nature of our secret painting process, Job Privacy is a must.
2. Please remove any valuable items from your room and also any items you may need to use from the room during the time the painting is being done. Once I enter the room to start the painting process, you will not gain access to your room or anything within it until completion.
3. Make sure you have dust mopped your ceiling prior to my arrival.
4. Room temperature should be comfortable on the cooler side.
5. Make sure there is at least one free power outlet for me to use.
6. Tidying up is very much appreciated as I will be maneuvering a ladder around your room.
mural paintingstop
watching the painting process is prohibited How do you paint the ceilings and can we watch?
secret proprietary painting techniques Due to my proprietory painting techniques, no one is permitted to watch me paint. In fact, for liability reasons, no one else can be in the same room when I'm painting.
painting muralstop
plants moons and other space objects Do you paint a full moon and planets too or do you just paint stars?
peaceful stars to lull you to sleep Painting a full moon and planets are not recommended since I have found that large round glowing objects in your sky mural will have a tendency to take away from the serenity of the stars themselves. Instead of your eyes delicately moving over your mural in a soothing and calming way thus lulling you into a dreamy sleep, your eyes will be drawn (maybe even fixated) towards those large bright objects in your personal nightsky which in effect would defeat the purpose of my peaceful relaxing stargazing murals.
crescent moon to be added soon to my line of options for your starry mural I am, however, working on a sliver crescent moon to add to the original backyard theme, check back to see if it becomes an option soon!
deep space objects available in other starry themes I do have my Signature Theme, Deep Space Fantasy, that offer a more dramatic view of the nightsky with comets, galaxies, nebulaes, etc. Many have enjoyed the wonderous colors in this deep space starry mural, allow me to show you during an in-home demo!
deep spacetop
acceptable payment types for stars murals Do you accept credit cards as payment?
stargazing ceiling murals with glow in the dark paint Yes I do through Paypal and Square for credit card processing. I can send an invoice or swipe your card whichever way is easiest for you. Since I don't charge you processing fees, other methods of payment with no transaction fee to me is very much appreciated too, including Cash, Check (personal, business, cashier, bank, certified), and Money Order.
refer customers and earn your starry ceiling mural We also offer a Referral Incentive Program exclusive to where you may earn referral credits toward your ceiling by referring others to my wonderful artwork. In fact, you may be able to get your ceiling mural for free by referring just 10 others who buy a mural from me! You probably know some people already who may LOVE a Stargazing Mural from Cosmic Rooms!
how far will you travel to paint What area do you service?
baltimore maryland tri-state area I travel throughout the Baltimore Metropolitan area and surrounding areas. If you are within a 30 mile radius of the city, I will gladly come out to give you a demonstration and do your painting. Currently, if you are outside of the 30 mile radius, please contact me with your mailing address and I will send you some printed material along with a mini-demo of the stars to view at your leisure. Once you are ready to have your mural painted, we can definitely work something out for the longer distances which typically will incur a slight travel cost for gas, flight, and/or lodging.
baltimore muralstop
free in home demonstrations available Do you offer a free in-home consultation and demonstration?
free no obligation demos within 60 mile radius of baltimore Yes, I certainly do! Contact Me to set up an appointment for a free, no obligation in home demonstration. There are so many factors that go into the pricing of the murals, it's best to schedule a consultation, it only takes about 30-45 minutes of your time and you'll get a written price quote for the best possible price for the selections you want. Here's how a typical consultation will go:

cosmic murals with starry themes Upon arrival at the scheduled time, I will bring my demonstration material (spectacular binder and painted portfolio) to show you a glimpse of what my starry murals would look like but on a smaller scale. All I need is a room dark enough to show you the stars!
star murals with glow in the dark paint While I'm there, I will inspect the room(s) paying particular attention to the ceiling(s). I will take some measurements and assess the area to determine what would work best in your room(s). Some sample photos of your ceilings may be taken for my own reference.
how to paint a cosmic mural on ceiling After the room evaluation, we can sit down and discuss the different themes and options I offer that you are interested in and I will tell you about the specials I may be running that would fit your particular needs.
stars on the ceiling with glow paint I will then give you a price quote and if you are ready and have agreed to the quoted price, we can book the appointment to paint right away.
half deposit is required at time of booking Note: a 50% deposit is required at the time of booking, the remaining balance is due at the completion of your new starry ceiling mural.
written quote good for 30 days so you have time to think things over If for some reason, you need more time to think things over, no problem at all, your quoted price will be guaranteed for the next 30 days. Prices and specials are subject to change thereafter.

If there is anything that isn't covered by this FAQ, please feel free to contact me and ask. I will be happy to answer your questions!

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In honor of Dr Wayne Dyer, a great spiritual teacher who had tremendous influence on my life, he now shines brightly in the night sky watching over all of us :) Every mural I paint will now include for free a very large bright flared out star which I shall call the Dedication/ Guardian Star. For me I will affectionately call it the Wayne Dyer star but you can dedicate that star to represent anyone who was important to you that have passed away and is now lighting a sparkling path for the rest of your journey in this lifetime. My gift to you for your any size mural purchase from September 2015 to eternity...

Get your mini Cosmic Rooms' version of the universe in a portable clear film Cosmic Poster overlay - Contact me for more info and pricing!

6/1/21: For the past 1.5 years, Covid pandemic has made it nearly impossible for myself and other small businesses to go out and provide the services we have chosen as our craft. Now that the state of Maryland has pretty much open back up, painting will slowly resume. If you have contacted me in the past year about a mural, I apologize for the delay in servicing you. The state of our country in the past year has left me in a rather uninspired mood. In order to create the best rendition of the universe for my customers, I need inspiration and calmness as my mood translates into my art. Just facts. If you are still interested, please recontact me using my contact form and let me know what you have in mind. Alternatively, you can always call and leave a voice mail or even send me a text message to my number and I'll respond as soon as I'm available. Thank you for your understanding and continued interest in my art.

"I didn't realize from the photos that it would be this vivid and bright, it looks so much more amazing than I thought it would be! You did a great job!" Jill K.
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