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Starscapes® Exclusive Creation Glow Paints

starscapes ceiling murals The Very Best Professional Grade Glow in the Dark Paints - Only available to Licensed Starscapes® Artists

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"The day/night mural looks great, thanks for traveling out so far to paint!" Richard N.

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For all my murals, I use a professional grade glow paint that is not available anywhere else on the market. This is a Specialized Super Phosphorescent "Non-Toxic, Non-Radioactive, Non-Carcinogenic" Paint made EXCLUSIVELY to be used by Licensed Starscapes Artist-Illusionists!

There is nothing like our Starscapes Super-10 Creation Paint in fluidity, smoothness, glow in brightness and longevity, and the wonderful finish this paint provides to all our murals! For my murals, I use nothing but the best in Starscapes Super 10 Glacier Blue Creation Paint that gives a very slight icy blue color when charged with a blacklight but will glow a beautiful white color very much like the stars you see in the sky!

This is NOT some lower grade, poor quality paint you will find out on the market that glow for about 15 minutes at best and leave an unnatural yellowish-green appearance that looks tacky.

Our technique in creating the most dazzling 3 dimensional look of the nightsky is vastly enhanced by the realistic appearance of our glow paints, you will be delighted at the result each and every night!

Starscapes® Super-10 Creation Paint


starscapes murals Glows 10 times brighter and 10 times longer than mass produced glow paints at retail stores

cosmic celing murals of the night time starry sky Slower light absorption means a slower release of glowing light that has been "held" by the paint so it lasts all night long

the best glow in the dark paint Will also absorb bright sunlight during the day to give you hours of glow at night

phosphorescent paint that glows for hours Glows up to 8 hours, brightest in the first hour or two

starscapes super 10 creation paint Energize with ambient bright light or preferred black light charging at 15-20 minutes for adequate saturation for the best viewing

painting stars on ceilings Perfect for kids and adults of all ages to enjoy

starry ceilings And is the perfect compliment to ANY decor

For the best viewing practice to get the most out of your Starscapes®, click here.

Starscapes® NEW Generation II Glow Paints

Atleast 90% of the stars I paint in my murals utilize the above Starscapes Super 10 Glacier Blue Creation Paint, the rest were previously done with my own mix of glow colors but now with the new generation 2 paint colors, my murals are 100% fully Starscapes® Exclusive Paints!

The intrigue of my Deep Space Fantasy Theme had prompted me to experiment with other colors, many of which I had been mixing myself to get the consistency and glow that matched closely to the Starscapes paint. Now with Starscapes® taking my lead in using colors in the murals, I don't need to mix it myself to get the perfect consistency and glow that is signature of a Starscapes®! Below are the other colors I use for accenting my murals to give it an even more unique "WOW" look!

Phosphorescent Glow Colors:

Laser Violet: A mysterious purple color gives intrigue to "deep space objects". Use for accenting the starry murals, laser violet paint will fade within the hour to leave you with a soothing starry sky.

Fantasy Sky Blue: Striking blue hue reminiscent of bright vibrant day sky color! Use in my exclusive "deep space fantasy" theme for nebulaes and streaming comets. You will be WOWed when you see this paint in action. It will glow for a good 3-4 hours!

Astro Orange: Bright neon glowing orange is used in a limited amount to add accents to the "deep space fantasy" theme. This incredible paint will glow for up to 2 hours and will add another dimension of depth to your mural masterpiece!
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Cosmic Rooms News:
In honor of Dr Wayne Dyer, a great spiritual teacher who had tremendous influence on my life, he now shines brightly in the night sky watching over all of us :) Every mural I paint will now include for free a very large bright flared out star which I shall call the Dedication/ Guardian Star. For me I will affectionately call it the Wayne Dyer star but you can dedicate that star to represent anyone who was important to you that have passed away and is now lighting a sparkling path for the rest of your journey in this lifetime. My gift to you for your any size mural purchase from September 2015 to eternity...

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"I love the ceiling - it is so beautiful! I've been showing it off. Not only is the ceiling beautiful, but it's so peaceful, too! Easy to sleep in the bedroom now!" Lois Q.
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