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"It looks so real and it glows all night long! I am completely satisfied and it was a great value!" James M.

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Thank your for your Cosmic Rooms mural purchase! I really enjoyed creating my rendition of the night sky for you and I hope you are loving your new murals! Your feedback is very important to me as it helps me improve my art and service and it allows others to hear about your experience and satisfaction level with your new painting.

This online survey form is similar to the paper version you may have received with your mural informational package at the completion of your mural(s). If you wish, you may continue to send in your paper version or use this quick 5 minutes electronic version to submit your feedback.

Thank you once again for allowing me the opportunity to come into your home and paint you amazing Starscapes®!

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Cosmic Rooms News:
In honor of Dr Wayne Dyer, a great spiritual teacher who had tremendous influence on my life, he now shines brightly in the night sky watching over all of us :) Every mural I paint will now include for free a very large bright flared out star which I shall call the Dedication/ Guardian Star. For me I will affectionately call it the Wayne Dyer star but you can dedicate that star to represent anyone who was important to you that have passed away and is now lighting a sparkling path for the rest of your journey in this lifetime. My gift to you for your any size mural purchase from September 2015 to eternity...

Get your mini Cosmic Rooms' version of the universe in a portable clear film Cosmic Poster overlay - Contact me for more info and pricing!

6/1/21: For the past 1.5 years, Covid pandemic has made it nearly impossible for myself and other small businesses to go out and provide the services we have chosen as our craft. Now that the state of Maryland has pretty much open back up, painting will slowly resume. If you have contacted me in the past year about a mural, I apologize for the delay in servicing you. The state of our country in the past year has left me in a rather uninspired mood. In order to create the best rendition of the universe for my customers, I need inspiration and calmness as my mood translates into my art. Just facts. If you are still interested, please recontact me using my contact form and let me know what you have in mind. Alternatively, you can always call and leave a voice mail or even send me a text message to my number and I'll respond as soon as I'm available. Thank you for your understanding and continued interest in my art.

"Thank You! What a was well worth the price as I had hoped!" Chris A.
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