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"You did a beautiful job on the ceiling, I wish I had the money to get the entire house done!" Maria F.

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The testimonials and comments below are from Real Actual Customers of mine. Mural testimonials are shared with me by email, written survey form, online survey form, or verbally during unveiling. Sorted by murals for adult rooms and murals for kids rooms.

Cosmic Rooms Testimonials from Real Customers and Viewers

Adult Room Mural Testimonials

I finally found this long forgotten audio I recorded back a few years ago! NOTE: You'll need to have the latest adobe flash player to listen to it so your browser may prompt you to install it.

This file is large at over 8mb and run for almost 9 minutes! If you have about 10 minutes of time to browse this page of testimonials while listening to the newest audio addition, you'll be pleased with what you'll hear from some real customers' first time reactions during a mural unveiling!

Just click the play button below to start listening now!

The perfect media room complete with surrounding blacklights for the tray ceiling, he was blown away!

"I am in awe.......I don't know what to say, I'm speechless....." (a few moments later) "I had no idea it would look so amazing, I'm truly in awe." Bryan K., NJ (clouds and deep space fantasy)
"I love the ceiling - it is so beautiful! I've been showing it off. Not only is the ceiling beautiful, but it's so peaceful, too! Easy to sleep in the bedroom now!" Lois Q., NJ (original backyard with milky way)
This was painted in room that was to be transformed into a meditation room.

"It is very nice and lots of stars. I used the blacklight twice to charge up the stars. I noticed the Milky Way. That is neat. I like it a lot. Thanks." Cheryl M., VA (original backyard with milky way)
This was a day/night combo that was painted in a tray ceiling for a master bedroom! Complete with the constellation Orion as requested, these customers had waited for years for this idea to come into fruition, our paths crossed and now their dreams came true!

"It looks so real and it glows all night long! I am completely satisfied and it was a great value!" James M., Pasadena MD, (daytime clouds w/ artist's choice)
Here I painted a ceiling that had the popcorn texture ceiling...whew! Day and Night combo again and stuff was just falling on me from the ceiling but it looked great once it was done!

"Nice Job! Looks great! It really DOES look like the nightsky when we go camping out in the mountains! Can't wait to show this to my boyfriend so we can *romance* under the stars tonight!" Lisa P., Pasadena MD (daytime clouds w/ original backyard)
"Thank You! What a was well worth the price as I had hoped!" Chris A., Ridgely MD (deep space fantasy)
This next one is a real treat as it is the only audio reaction I have captured so far! It's taken me awhile to figure out how to transfer a recording from a personal digital recorder, edit, enhance, and convert the file to mp3. It's not great audio quality but you get the point of how happy my customer (Mike E., Oxon Hill MD) and his family were! They had two rooms done, both with different themes. At the time, I was developing my Deep Space Fantasy theme and because this mural was being painted for a game room, I thought my new laser violet paint would add a new dimension of intrigue!!

I was right!! Click the play button above and have a listen to this applauding 1 minute and 38 seconds (1.5mb) audio for yourself. NOTE: You'll need to install the latest adobe flash player in order to hear the audio above. Your browser should prompt you to update if it needs it.
"Oh my god, WOW, oh my god, WOW! It is beautiful. You did a wonderful job, Thanks!" Esther S., Columbia MD (original backyard with constellations)

After 3 hours of painting, my customer walked into her bedroom and looked at her ceiling with the room lights on and asked me "are you sure you painted in here, I don't see anything?" I flipped off the lights and she totally flipped out when she saw her ceiling! I WISH I had brought along a recorder to tape her reaction because it was priceless, it's forever burned into my mind as I have never seen anyone get as excited as she'd think she just hit the lottery!
"It looks so much more amazing when it's actually in your own bedroom with the whole ceiling done!" Karen M., Pasadena, MD (original backyard)
"You truly are an artist, I can't believe how realistic the mural looks for the day/night combo" Randy J, PA (clouds and stars combo)
"That's what I'm talking about, it's exactly what I wanted to make my room a place I can relax" Marc, Upper Marlboro, MD (clouds and stars combo)
"Thank you for being so professional and do such a wonderful job on my ceiling." Thomas M., Annapolis, MD (original backyard)
"I have never seen anything like this in my life, you really have a unique product, I can't get over how 3 dimensional it looks!" Louise B., PA (original with constellations)
"Ooh!! My husband's going to flip out when he sees this, I can't wait til he gets home! He's going to love the colors! It really looks like space...some of the stars almost seem to twinkle!" Michelle D., PA (clouds and artist's choice)
"I feel like a kid again, I'm so excited. This is way beyond what I was expecting, my guests are going to be so surprised when they stay here, I'm not going to tell them what I've done! I need a way to relax from my stressful job and this is it, thank you so much!" Tom C, NY (2 original backyards)

Kids Room Mural Testimonials

"Our daughter is 14yrs old and thought it was the coolest present she has ever got. It was also a fantastic surprise!" Lynda H., Annapolis, MD (original backyard)
Stars in a nursery truly complete the decor. Cosmic Rooms will grow with every child and their environment through all the changing themes of their youth!

"Amazing!! I rock my son to sleep at night looking up at beautiful shooting stars and think...My Wish Came True!" Richelle B., Harpers Ferry WV (original backyard with constellations)
Two kids rooms are enhanced with the view of the universe. Mountain valley in the smaller room really gave it a lot more sky to view at night!

"Very realistic and tranquil. It is a piece of artwork in a traditional unused dark space. Now even a dark room has a beautiful decor." Anne G., Freeland MD, (mountain valley & original backyard)
This was an interesting project, both with artist's choice themes for this child's bedroom and a "secret hideout" play room where stars were painted all around, ceiling and walls! The hideout was not a big area with a slanted ceiling that was tucked away under a stairway. Very cool to be surrounded by stars!

"We are LOVING the stars and I have already sung your praises to several people today! The ceiling murals continue to be a highlight of our bedtime routine and conversation. We LOVE them." Allison S., Chevy Chase, MD (artist's choice)
I did a day/night combo in a baby's nursery and the parents were so happy as it was exactly what they wanted for their babies to come! The daytime clouds had 4 layers of colors blended to give it a very realistic look, this enthusiastic couple even commented on how "it looks just like the outside". I gave them the works on the stars, they were thrilled with the results! At their request, I even put in the Gemini Constellation to represent their twins to come!

"WOW! Just Amazing!! We have had several of our family members just ooh and ahh about it. You did such a wonderful job!! I know that we will put your name out there for anyone that is interested!" Cari D., Severn MD (daytime clouds w/ artist's choice)
connersway I painted a ceiling back in 2006 (Ellicott City, MD) for a little baby who had a fatal disease. Conner's Mom, Desiree H. contacted me about getting stars in his room. Since his eyesight was already showing inconsistencies, she asked me to make the stars a bit larger than normal.

I was honored to have been able to serve in this capacity and am glad Conner got the chance to see glowing stars in his bedroom before he lost his sight. Sadly, Connor have passed away late November 2006. I did a full ceiling in Conner's room and a Skylite in his older brother Brenden's room.

See the nice letter she sent me here.
"Wow, looks like there are a million stars up there!" Mindy P., PA (artist's choice)
"I didn't realize from the photos that it would be this vivid and bright, it looks so much more amazing than I thought it would be! You did a great job!" Jill K., Middle River, MD (original backyard)
"I went with you because you had different themes. The colors in deep space fantasy look great!" Jackie O., Woodbine, MD (3 artist's choice)
"The day/night mural looks great, thanks for traveling out so far to paint!" Richard N., NY (clouds and stars combo)
"Wow, it really looks great and I can't tell at all that the ceiling's been painted when I turn on the lights, my son's going to be surprised when he comes home from camp!" Pat H., NJ (original backyard)
"You did a beautiful job on the ceiling, I wish I had the money to get the entire house done!" Maria F., NJ (original backyard)
"I tell you, when my wife told me what was being done, I was skeptical thinking it'd be cheesy looking. Wow, I had no idea that it would look so cool, I'm your biggest supporter now, I'm going to tell everyone!" Ian, WV (original backyard with constellations)
"OMG! This is so's fun!" Anne G., MD (mountain valley fantasy)
"When we moved to a new house, my daughter asks for the stars again. Now we have two girls and the stars look great in both rooms, thanks!" Jason D, MD

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"I love the ceiling - it is so beautiful! I've been showing it off. Not only is the ceiling beautiful, but it's so peaceful, too! Easy to sleep in the bedroom now!" Lois Q.
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