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"When we moved to a new house, my daughter asks for the stars again. Now we have two girls and the stars look great in both rooms, thanks!" Jason D.

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Your new STARSCAPES®, Original Glow-in-the-dark Ceiling Mural will be awaiting you every evening of the year. Consider the steps as outlined below. These will aid you in obtaining the best possible conditions for your viewing pleasure.

For Super-10 Creation Paint:

1. If you have a window in the room that lets in BRIGHT sunlight during the day, great! Super-10 Paint can absorb sunlight all day long so the stars will glow all night long! Half hour before you plan on stargazing, turn on your room light or shine a bright light towards the ceiling for 10-15 minutes (up to 20 minutes). An ultraviolet lamp or black light is preferred and will work GREAT!

2. While the ceiling is being energized, make sure to block out any light infiltration, usually entered through a window or under a door. The darker the room, the better!

3. After the allotted time, turn off all lights and view the scene for 3-4 minutes as your eyes adjust to the darkness.

4. Close your eyes and cover them with one hand while you shine the light on the painting for 1 more minute.

5. Turn off all lights again and open your eyes. The stars should be much brighter now!

The stars will glow for up to 8 hours and will slowly fade away while you drift off into sleep. In some instances, the stars will still be visible during the morning hours if your room is dark enough. You can re-energize the painting every hour if you like it super long as you can stay awake.

ceiling murals Remember, your eyes need to adjust to see low light levels. In other words, you may be enjoying the view just fine, until you leave the room, go into the brightly lit hallway, brightly lit kitchen, brightly lit refrigerator, and then go back to your bedroom. You most likely won't see the stars until your eyes have readjusted. This will be approximately 3-7 minutes. The time element gets longer as we grow older. Re-energizing the Super-3 mural might make sense in this circumstance.
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Cosmic Rooms News:
In honor of Dr Wayne Dyer, a great spiritual teacher who had tremendous influence on my life, he now shines brightly in the night sky watching over all of us :) Every mural I paint will now include for free a very large bright flared out star which I shall call the Dedication/ Guardian Star. For me I will affectionately call it the Wayne Dyer star but you can dedicate that star to represent anyone who was important to you that have passed away and is now lighting a sparkling path for the rest of your journey in this lifetime. My gift to you for your any size mural purchase from September 2015 to eternity...

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"It looks so real and it glows all night long! I am completely satisfied and it was a great value!" James M.
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